In the studio we used various forms of lighting and experimented a lot.

In the light stusoftboxdio we used the boom to elevate a large soft box. This acted as natural sunlight and worked really well. I do regret not using a reflector in the light studio with my closer shots such as the midshot and the portrait. I believe this would have prevented the grey tones I found when editing my images.


In the dark studio we started off very much the same as in the light studio with the boom and large softbox. We did incorporate the reflector in the dark studio which brightened up most of our images. After shooting a fair few midshots and portraits in the dark studio it was time to move onto the full length shots. We soon found that the strip softboxmodel’s black trousers faded straight into the background. To stop this from happening we added strip lights either side of her legs to add shape and a slight highlight around the leg. This broke up the the jeans from the background and we were then again on a roll and enjoyed the rest of a successful shoot.


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