At first I was really unsure of my inspirational photographers for this project. I chose two very talented composite photographers and was very unsure of how they would link to my own work. It took me a while, but eventually I realised that although out work was completely different we shared similar methods and styles. For example, Johansson and I both focused on the outdoors, both photographers and I all have the same end goal of producing a brilliant composite. Although these links are fairly weak, I feel that their work has inspired my methods more than they have inspired my initial images.

I feel I was very successful in carrying out my plan for my shoots. I achieved successful images at the train station with varying colours, a range of angles and various lighting. Although my plan for the studio shoots was carried out, I did not calculate my lighting very well. This is my biggest regret of the project. I should have studied the light in my background imaged and imitated this in the studio. I had no idea at the time how important this was. By imitating the background lighting in the studio, it would have made for a smoother and more enjoyable editing process. Next time, this will be a huge factor I will consider.

Unfortunately, I missed the lesson on how to correctly achieve a brilliant composite. This did not deter me, I was very motivated and excited to figure it all out for myself. It took a while but eventually I got the gist and was able to fly ahead with my composites. I feel that my selection process and putting the composite together in a basic form by resizing it and adding shadows was quite straight forward. However, what I feel let me down was my lighting and trying to match the colours, as previously mentioned. This really let me down. I found that sometimes as I tweaked the image to try and figure out my lighting and colours, more often than not I would make the composite worse. One factor I did not consider until I had completed the project was to add shadows and highlights in with the brush tool. This would have been successful as I would have been able to mimic the light in the background by casting shadows and adding highlights on the model where they would have naturally fallen on location.

Overall I am proud of my achievements and all the new skills I have learnt, however I am very disappointed that I did not think to mimic the location lighting in the studio. I will definitely keep this in mind next time and offer this advice to anyone else attempting composites on location and in the studio.


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