Midshot, Final Image

The last of my composites, I feel this one shows off all of my newly attained skills. One of my new tricks is visible in this composite, my selection is a lot better. The model’s hair includes her fly aways and is not just a solid line around her head. However, using this new method came at a price. When selecting the hair, I lost selections made on the bag. Unfortunately I did not notice this loss of information until I had saved and revisited the image. Meaning I had completely lost the missing selection and could not go through my history to recover it. To fix the issue I ended up selecting multiple colours and brushing in the missing segments myself.

In this composite, as the shot was a midshot and quite close I decided to add a gaussian blur to the background image, to add a depth of field. This makes the foreground stand out a lot more and adds a whole new dimension to the image.

I feel that I could have worked on the colours and lighting a bit more in this composite. I feel by doing this it would make the image look more realistic, however the image as is makes the foreground pop. The bright backpack and high exposure makes the model stand off of the background.

Final Image:MidshotPrintscreens:


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