Portrait, Final Composite

After hours of scrolling through my many thumbnails, trying to find two images that would complement one another, eventually I was successful. Probably the worst of my three composites. It took a lot of time and consideration as the lighting and colours were not compatible at all. To try and match the lighting I dulled the image, and looking back now I deeply regret this decision. I have also noticed that the selection on the image is terrible. There is a thick blur around the image, a rubbish attempt at feather the image indirectly. The grey foreground and grungy blue background makes the image look flat and dull.

I think by concentrating on the shadows and highlights in the foreground image I would have been successful in matching the two poorly lit images. This way I would have been able to fake some form of lighting and bring the image to life. Perhaps the reasoning behind why this image is so full is because it lacks that pop of colour the bright backpack brought to each of the other images.

Final shot:Portait

After really struggling with the colours, to add my own twist I decided that I would eliminate colour all together. In black and white the image looks beautiful and believable. The poorly feathered selection is hardly noticeable and the grungy blue and grey and totally gone. With the lack in colour you are able to appreciate some of the other details such as the blurred background for depth of field.

Added my own twist:Portait COLOURPrintscreens:


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