Studio Shots (Foreground)

Shot in both the light and dark studio, I used my friend Alannah as a model to bring a new face into the mix. After only using natural light in my location shots, in the light studio I only used one light, the boom and a big soft box. This light acted as the sun and worked perfectly. Whereas in the dark studio, I started off with exactly the same lighting set up as I had had in the light studio, however the model’s black jeans did not show up against the black background. We added two low strip lights on either side of the model’s legs to add shadows and highlights around the jeans.

As I have chosen to use the train station as my location, I really wanted her to look like she fitted into the environment and everything that was supposedly going on around her. In the studio I decided to dress her in various coats and tops, to match the cold air of the open platform. I also added a rucksack to the mix and used it as my main prop.

The model was very shy at first and unfamiliar with the many people in the studio watching and supervising. To calm her nerves we spoke on common ground and I jogged her memory of something on her phone, I made a split decision that by keeping her active on her phone I would be able to get some really natural and realistic shots. More often than not people travelling on trains are travelling alone and attach to the most familiar thing in their lives, their phones. Walking down a train platform it’s hard to find someone who isn’t on their phone. This simple prop brought another dimension into the shoot and provided some perfect shots. I’m quite happy with the progression of this shoot and very grateful I had the opportunity to shoot in both studios.


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