Full Length, Final Composite

Being the first of the three composites I attempted, I found it a lot more difficult than I initially anticipated.

I started by selecting the model and copying her onto my chosen background. I found the selection process tedious, I struggled a lot until I remembered quick mask. I then went on to resize the image to fit in proportion with the background. I proceeded to add a shadow and began to feel as though I was all done, until I sat back and noticed the difference in lighting.

Adjusting the lighting was incredibly difficult. I really struggled to match the two and make them look as though they belonged. After multiple attempts I decided to leave the image and revisit it later. Once I had returned to the image I was finally able to look at the image in a different way and somehow made the two lighting differences work with one another. I am still not too pleased with the outcome of the lighting. I should have carefully calculated the lighting and imitated the natural lighting on location in the studio. This will be a trick I will keep in mind when revisiting composites in the future.

Upon my second visit to the image, after fixing the lighting I also noticed how unpleasantly her feet fitted in the image. They looked very stuck on and let the image as a whole down. I quickly opted to add more of a shadow to her feet using layering methods and rubbing through until I was content. I also used this method on the model when I felt she did not fit the lighting of the location.

Final image:Full lengthOnce done and dusted with my final image (seen above) I wanted to add my signature mix of colours by playing with the colour levels and selective colour tools (image seen below). By doing this I felt the colours became one and it merged the two images nicely. All of the faults that usually stood out to me faded into the background. Overall, I’m content with this piece, but it is far from perfect and I have a lot to learn.

Added my own twist:Full length COLOURPrintscreens:


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