Photographic Composite Photographers

Both of my chosen photographic composite photographers are extremely talented in their field. Their abilities to bring two images together and make them one is flawless. Both have different perspectives and ideas on the subject and show very different techniques and insight. Unfortunately neither of the photographers link directly to my work and ideas, however they are brilliant examples of photographic composites.

Adrian Sommeling

Sommeling’s work is full of imagination. Both realistic and fantasy, his images bring to life the imagination of the viewer. The contrasting colours and clever use of lighting is inspiring. I have noticed that Sommeling works in series, for example the series of the child and his male companion. The work is full is full of comedy and follows a comic book format. The intense, high contrast and depth of the images make the layers stand out.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 23.18.37Sommeling’s website also includes tips and tricks when working on photographic composites. He let’s you in on many tricks for the perfect composite and gives tips for the most successful outcome. The following image is a diagram featured on his website for a more visual set of instructions when capturing the composite photograph.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 18.23.00.png

Erik Johansson

Johansson is one of my favourite composite photographers. His graphic images use nature to project powerful messages. The light tonal colours invite you in to look at the familiar views of nature with a twist. Bending the imagination and twisting things we know is a peculiar way to capture the audience. Johansson’s images are all taken outside, often brining the outside in. I would really like to replicate his work by shooting open air location shots, shooting outside with natural light.


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